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If one day a woman knocks at your door and says she's your mother, would you believe her? Of course not! Simply because you believe on the things you have grown with. It's so hard to accept things that are new to your ears. But what if she's indeed your real mother, that your mother you have grown with kidnapped you and managed to put your real mother to jail? Would you believe her?

When people hear about the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), they oftentimes draw themselves into conclusion: it's a false religion; simply because they believe on the things they have grown with! They throw things against this Church based on hearsay and false accusation. But did they ever tried to find out? It could be the real mother searching for you who where taken from her! Then you must prove it otherwise!

When Noah said that there would be a great deluge; did everybody believe him? No, actually only eight people were saved! Now the Iglesia ni Cristo say, come into the fold and you shall be safe!

You start asking yourself if your religion is true. Do not make any conclusion of your own; prove it yourself. Consider the Iglesia ni Cristo in your search for truth.

Why don't you give it a try, nothing will be lost anyway!