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A dedication to Grace, my wife
All I want is to love you
for the rest of my life...
to wake up every morning
with you by my side,
and to know that I'll always
be able to come home
to your loving arms.


All I want is to share
everything with you...
to talk about our ideas,
our dreams,
the little everday things
that make us laugh,
and the not-so-little things
that we can't help
worrying about.


I want to be the first person
you think of
when you have good news to share
or a problem
you feel like no one else
in the world could understand.



I want to be the one
who meets your most
important needs,
who knows what you need
even before you do
and who understands
when what you need most
is to be left alone.




All I want
is to give you my love...
as a place you can always
come to for acceptance,
or the simple comfort
that silence brings
when things left unspoken
can still be understood,
a place where trust and loyalty
go hand in hand,
where unconditional love
is a way of life.



I want to spend
the rest of my life
building on the closeness
we've found together.
I want us to keep our love alive
by continuing to appreciate
those qualities that attracted
us to each other
in the beginning.


I want us to feel
totally comfortable
with each other,
at ease enough to talk about
our deepest thoughts and feelings,
our fears and goals,
disappointments and joys.
I want us to open up each other
in ways we've never known before.

All I want is to keep growing
in love together...
to discover new things
we can enjoy about each other,
to find new ways to express
our affection
and to remember
that love never outgrows
the need for the sweet touch
of romance.


And I want to keep
the wonderful feeling
that comes from knowing
I can always count on you
to be there for me,
no matter what I need--
a funny story to cheer me up,
and understanding heart
to remind me someone cares,
a hand to hold,
a hug that stays with me
long after we let go.



All I want
is to grow old with you...
to watch our life unfold,
our dreams one by one come true,
to know that een though
neither of us is perfect,
we're perfect for each other.

All I want is to love you forever.
I love you Honey
by Reenee Duvall