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Just got married

The owner of our boarding house hated us because of our religion. They persecuted us so my sister and I were forced to transfer. With the help of a friend we found a new place; there I came to know Grace, my wife.

My room is just a stone away from hers and because my sister is her roommate I spent a lot of time with them. We became friends. We shared jokes during leisure time. I helped her with her school projects and assignments and even in cleaning the house and scrubbing the floor. This kind of relationship continued until she became special to me. Because of Grace and Me my religion, I never thought of going beyond our friendship but she knew I liked her. The time came when I had to leave for Manila to attend to my papers in migrating to the United States; that was our semestral break.

When I left for my hometown, something pushed me to go back to our boarding house to see her. That started another step in our relationship.

When I returned from Manila, I confirmed with her what was between us. I told her we can never be together unless she walks with my faith. However, I asked her not to join the Church because of me but because she has proven to herself its worth. Soon after, I knew she was attending bible studies and later received baptism, a prayer I asked from God.

I was not able to migrate to the United States so I returned to school. After graduation I worked in Manila. After several months, she was able to work here also. After four and a half years of going steady, we decided to get married. Two months before our planned wedding, we readied everything, from simpliest to the most complex details of wedding preparation. She designed her own gown; I designed my own. We arranged for our reception, sponsors, invitation and video footage. After we had all of these set, we went to her parents to seek their blessings.

We decorated the church by ourselves; I even made her bouquet. We invited only our close friends and relatives. It was a simple wedding, exhausting yet fulfilling because everthing was prepared by the two of us.

Even after a year of our commitment, I knew it was her whom God has given me. Now, we're married for four years with two wonderful kids.