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Spice up your marriage

Listen.    Buy him a tie.    Sleep and cuddle together.    Surprise her with special dinner even at home.    Always say I love you to each other and mean it.    Don't forget holidays!    Rent a romantic film and watch together.    Compliment each other for little things done.    Cancel all your appointments and spend a day together.    Give her flowers for no reason.    Leave him short love notes.    Find a new and exciting place for both.    Walk at the park together.    Talk to her after a fight.    Run your fingers through her hair.    Hold hands.    Spend all day with her doing nothing.    Whisper sweet nothings.    Dance with or without music when the children are asleep.    When you say I'm sorry look at her eyes.    Kiss passionately.    Don't end the night without settling a fight.    Tell him your fantasies and secrets.    Kiss her everywhere, cheeks, hands, neck, shoulders, etc.    Share a cup of coffee in the morning.    Leave kids at home and enjoy a night.    Massage him.    Do anything to impress her.    Be honest.    Pray.