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A tribute to my Mom

I know it was hard losing your husband to another woman; it caused you so much pain that you wanted to end your life. Where did you find yourself after that? It was difficult for you to start anew; you were poor with no job. You were hopeless. How could have I felt seeing you while you embrace us near your heart full of sorrow? I didn't know that because I was still young. Now I am thinking how you became strong while you were weak and how you struggled for our life while you had nothing.

You walked not just seven kilometers each day to earn for a living; your poor feet were caloused. Your knees were wounded after walking in agony of prayers, searching for peace for your restless soul. As you stroke your hand on our cheeks, they were rough. You accepted laundry even if your hands were hurting; you had worked all day and night just to earn some peso to buy our milk. You starved yourself and deprived of the things you need just to give us warmth and comfort.

As I look back, I think of the many street children begging for coins and food. We didn't become one of them. You didn't stop fighting for our life; you never gave up even you were weary. I know how you felt when we were sick. You were anxious, with no place to go. How were you during those times when you were alone? We always saw you cry in despair. You even acquired heart ailment because of life's difficulty.

It was you alone who strived for us. You alone who looked upon us. You may not have given us this life's bests but you made yourself the best.

How could we repay you for your kindness?
I salute you for your patience, courage and perseverance.

Thank you and I love you.