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Serene Batam, Indonesia

We took a taxi to the World Trade Centre. At the second floor were travel agencies offering different packages to the neighboring island of Singapore. We searched all over the place for a nice package. It was holiday in Singapore and prices are more expensive with an additional Waterfront Marina Quality Resort surcharge of 20%. After collecting our ferry tickets and hotel voucher, we cleared immigration and went to the gate.

After 10 minutes of waiting, "We're now boarding..." the announcement went on so we packed our things and went to the gate to board the vessel to Batam. To our dismay the ship was going somewhere else! We went back to our seats and waited for few more minutes.

Waterfront City Batam is a seaside resort on the Indonesian island of Batam. It's 45 minutes by ferry from Singapore's World Trade Center. We stayed at Waterfront Marina Quality Resort. The place was so quiet, far from the sounds of the city and offers outdoor activities like Go-kart, Bungee, Banana Boat and a lot more.

Batam at dawn It was like a paradise, you will love sleeping in its serene beauty. The place is perfect for meditation. It reflects charm, romance and relaxed atmosphere.

The next morning, we took a couch to town. The place is still native with a small range of shops and malls; there's nothing more to see. After going back to the resort, we spent the whole afternoon wandering around the resort and at the beach front. We enjoyed a dip in their warm and relaxing pool and jacuzzi.

Finally, we went back to Singapore for our flight to Manila

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