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Flyaway to Van Nuys, California

My wife was hesitant of letting me fly to California, that was a few days after the September 11 attack. Even my Mom called and asked me to postpone my travel however, the journey went through as planned.

Van Nuys Flyaway Terminal I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport at 10pm. I did't have any checked-in bag so I was able to get out soon. I called my Mom to advise her of my arrival but I was told she had left 30 minutes ago to meet me at Van Nuys Flyaway Terminal.

Actually, she was insiting of picking me up at the airport because it was my first travel to the United States. It told her I was to take the Flyaway bus from the airport to Van Nuys. She was surprised how I came to know this bus; she didn't even know it.

It was cool outside Tom Bradley Terminal. The Buses and Long Distance Vans (Green sign) was just right infront of the exit; this is the point where Flyaway bus stops. I waited for 15 minutes before the bus arrived. I was able to get a seat at the back. All seat was taken and some of the passengers were standing.

At Panorama Mall with my Mom The bus took an avenue up to the 405 freeway and made an exit at Sherman Way then to the terminal at Woodley Avenue; travel time was 45 minutes. I saw my Mom through the window, anxious and very eager to see me. We drove from the terminal to her house at Sepulveda Blvd.

My Mom was not able to file her vacation before I arrived so I just stayed home. After two days, I asked her if I could spend a week in Germany while she was still on duty. She promised she would fix her work schedule.

Upon my arrival from Europe, we drove off to Panorama and the nearby cities and visited some of the shops downtown. I also came to meet some of her friends and work mates. We just spent the week shopping and driving.