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7,107 Islands Philippines
I may not have explored the 7,107 islands, but I know every part of it special. I am inviting you to come and visit my home, my country, the Islands Philippines. Mabuhay!

City of Life - Hongkong
It was the second time I visited Hongkong yet the excitement was there because I was with my wife and daughter. It was easier because the place's familiar.

Amazing Shenzhen, China
Shenzhen is a special economic zone bordering Hongkong, one of the first cities which China opened to foreign countries. It's just an hour by train from Kowloon.

The Bright Macau
The Last Vegas of Asia, that's Macau. It's a former colony of Portugal, was returned to China and now a Special Autonomous Region. The island of Macau is one of those rich in culture.

Hot California, USA
"Are you sure we would not pick you up at the airport?," my Mom worriedly asked. "You might get lost!" It was my first journey to the United States yet it was easy.

Cool Nuremberg, Germany
I forgot to check with my cousin of what to bring so I just packed light--two walking shorts, two jeans, four shirts, my personal kit, a pair of shoes and my camera and bag.

New Asia - Singapore
As we're on a couch from the airport on our way to the hotel, the clean and green landscape along the way catched my attention. I was impressed! A modern city within a forest!

Serene Batam, Indonesia
"We're now boarding..." the announcement went on so we packed our things and headed to the gate to board the vessel to Batam. To our dismay the ship was going somewhere else!

Johur Bahru, Malaysia
I can't forget that day when we crossed the border from Singapore to Johur Bahru! The immigration officer was holding on to my friend who had no confirmed ticket!